Bank Financing

Loan Sourcing | Deal Structuring | Loan Applications & Negotiations
Financial Statements | Tax Strategy | Cash Flow Projections

Smith Dickson offers specialized expertise in obtaining or renewing bank lines of credit or loans. We offer the capabilities and banking industry connections that you need to:

  • Determine how much and what type of financing you need
  • Ascertain banks’ requirements for securing a line of credit or loan
  • Review significant aspects of your business and recommend adjustments to meet bank ratio requirements
  • Prepare the financial statements, projections and plans that lenders will request
  • Prepare a successful application package
  • Negotiate loan fees and terms with bank representatives

For companies that have difficulty obtaining traditional bank financing, we are often able to help turn their situation around. When internally-prepared financials end up with the banks denying financing, the bank may tell the company to get their financial statements cleaned up. Smith Dickson is often then referred to these companies, in which case we correct the accounting errors.   Quite often, the financial statements and ratios are then acceptable to the bank, while also limiting tax exposure for the company.

In other cases, a company may have clean financial statements but it is not able to meet lenders’ financial ratio requirements. Our experts are able to work with the company and provide strategies to make adjustments that will keep the company in good order while achieving ratio standards.

In other cases, we work with the bank ahead of time, knowing that certain issues will soon arise, and obtain a covenant wavier letter in advance. We have also been able to negotiate with the bank based on other criteria, besides ratios, that help the company to achieve its financing needs. Since we have strong relationships with numerous banks and understand their specific lending criteria, we are able to be effective negotiators for our clients.

Further, since banks can be very different in what they will accept, our contacts with multiple bankers and knowing which bank will do the deal is critical.

We believe that few accounting firms offer this level of specialized support.

If you would like to learn more about any of our Bank Financing services, contact Smith Dickson today.