Tax Calendar

Smith Dickson is pleased to provide our year-round “Tax Calendar” available on our website.  Reference it for key dates for individuals, businesses (of all types), employers, and estates/fiduciaries.

Some of the important upcoming due dates:

  • Jan. 31: Businesses – Forms 1099 – Provide annual information statements (Forms 1099) to recipients of certain payments you made during the previous year.
  • Jan. 31: Employers – W2s – Provide employees their copies of Form W-2 for previous year.
  • Jan. 31: Employers – Forms 940 and 941 – For Social Security, Medicare, and withheld income tax, file Form 941 for the fourth quarter of previous year. For federal unemployment tax, file Form 940 (or 940-EZ) for previous year.

Be sure to contact us to discuss your tax questions and needs.