Embezzlement: The Role of CPAs in Forensic Investigation

Debbie Dickson

Embezzlement can be defined as the act of theft or misappropriation of funds belonging to an employer which have been placed in the trust of an employee (typically someone in a company’s financial department). Embezzlement is a type of financial fraud and usually is a premeditated crime, performed methodically and cautiously to conceal the theft. When successful, embezzlements may continue for many years without detection.

How can your business detect fraud? 

It is important to identify potential financial fraud as quickly as possible in order to limit damages.  Understanding how it happened to others can help.  To read about Ryan’s work in a recent case that made headlines, click here.

Forensic Accounting Support

At Smith Dickson, our forensic accounting specialists have logged thousands of hours of forensic accounting, deposition and trial experience, both as expert witnesses and consultants in matters ranging from economic damages to fraud and embezzlement.