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For over 30 years, Smith Dickson has been providing superior accounting, tax compliance, forensic accounting, and business and financial consulting services to businesses and their founders throughout Southern California and the nation. Our expertise ranges from traditional accounting and tax services, to providing advisory services at the corporate and individual level, to being highly esteemed experts in forensic and investigative accounting, as well as serving as expert witnesses in court.


What distinguishes us is that we’re not here to just talk numbers, we strive to be your partner through every step of your financial growth. We see ourselves as your strategic trusted partner for all of your business and financial needs. We provide the support needed to grow your business, enhance your profitability, save on taxes, and preserve wealth. We want to be your first call. We want to know your family. We want to work WITH you not for you, because truly understanding you and your business and having that personal connection is what helps you succeed.


Unlike when working with a national CPA firm, when you work with Smith Dickson, you will be matched with a partner-level CPA who will be your contact indefinitely. They will work with you to understand all there is to know about your business, lifestyle, and specific goals and circumstances.


Our driving force is your success! Drawing from a wealth of experience spanning over three decades, we have learned that providing traditional CPA tasks like taxation, accounting, forensic accounting, litigation support, and business consulting is merely a starting point. We know that true success comes when your company, employees, and families thrive as a result of us committing to the success of your business like it’s our own.
About Smith Dickson CPA's & Forensic Accountants

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We Prioritize
Personalized Attention

Our success is achieved by providing hands-on, personalized service for each of our clients by matching them with a partner-level CPA who leads a team of highly-trained professionals dedicated to superior service.

We Are Problem Solvers

Our clients call us to solve problems, and that is what we do! We assist our clients to identify issues within their businesses and create a customized solution to resolve it.

We Embody the
Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are entrepreneurs who work for entrepreneurs. Our unmatched experience and insight allows us to truly understand what is necessary to manage, grow, and maintain a business.

We Handle Complex and Business-Critical Matters

Whether it’s navigating complicated tax matters, analyzing intricate financial records, delving into complex forensic accounting, or assuming the role of an expert witness in court, our extensive experience working with various companies in countless challenging scenarios has earned us the aptitude and expertise to confidently tackle any challenge that may come our way.

We Work In Southern California but Serve Nationwide

We are an Orange County, CA CPA firm serving businesses, individuals, and law firms throughout the United States.

We Uphold the Highest Standards

We adhere to the highest of standards, as we recognize that when dealing with financial matters, competence and integrity are of the utmost importance.

industries served

Attorneys Across the Nation Call Us When…

Attorneys turn to Smith Dickson when they are looking for expert forensic accounting and testimony to resolve business and investment disputes, complex financial litigation matters, and economic damage calculations. 

We collaborate closely with attorneys and their clients to meticulously analyze the financial aspects of legal cases, craft comprehensive reports for both federal and state courts, offer expert testimony, and provide insightful guidance on the tax aspects of settlements. In addition, we partner with attorneys to deliver strategic financial, tax, and due diligence solutions for a wide range of transaction types.

Trusted by Business Owners in Various Industries

Business owners rely on the experts at Smith Dickson as their strategic partner through all stages of growth.

We consult with entrepreneurs who need more than traditional accounting and tax services and instead are looking for a trusted partner to advise them and to support them through every step of their companies’ growth.

Some of the industries We serve:

  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale/distribution
  • Professional services, other services
  • Real estate and construction
  • Escrow, title and mortgage
  • Medical
  • Retail/Online Retail
  • Marketing
  • Food processing
  • Entertainment
  • Electronics/technical
  • Franchising
  • Environmental
  • Cosmetics
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Experts in accounting. Experts on the stand.

We are here to serve as your expert advisors in all of your accounting, tax preparation and compliance, litigation support, forensic accounting, and expert witness needs.
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