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Trust & Estate

We skillfully guide clients through the intricate process of assembling their financial documents, or those of an estate in which they are executor, so that they can smoothly transfer assets to beneficiaries. This creates security for surviving spouses, potentially minimizes tax obligations, and can establish a smooth path to business ownership succession.
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It’s important to stay current on tax law changes that affect estate and trust preparation. We work closely with trust and estate attorneys, investment advisors, and other financial professionals to ensure estate plans optimally match income and deductions, including the use of distribution timing and related trust tax elections, to minimize tax liabilities. As part of our tax practice, we prepare Forms 1041 for trusts and estates, Forms 709 for gift taxes, and Form 706 Estate Tax returns. We also prepare trust accountings, also known as fiduciary accountings, in compliance With the required California Probate Code format.

Preparation & Compliance

Our professionals know what tax elections are available and when and how they must be made. We also understand the effect of state laws on both Federal and State trust and estate tax returns. We typically work with your estate planning attorney in this process.

We focus on timely and accurate preparation of these tax returns. We make sure that all documentation is thorough and well-organized, and ready for any potential IRS audits, which are relatively common for these returns.


  • Allocation of assets to spouses, children, trusts, and charities in line with governing documents
  • Review of your estate plan and trust tax situation to ensure financial goals are met
  • Litigation Support - See Litigation Support page.
  • Gift tax returns and strategies
  • Business succession planning
  • Court accountings for trusts
  • Trust income tax returns
  • Estate tax returns

Litigation Support

Our professionals are frequently hired to address misappropriation of asset concerns among beneficiaries. See Litigation Support page.


Our professionals work with our clients and their attorneys to reach the legacy goals important to each client.

Experts in tax preparation

Work with us to structure your beneficiaries inheritance in the best way to minimize tax penalties.
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